Sunday, August 17, 2008

Once upon a time i was a student of Archaeology Department

I was admitted to archaeology department of Jahangirnagar in the year 1998 and with a long session jam i passed all my exams in 2003. That's all my attachment with the courses and research activities. In Bangladesh if one is not capable to manage a lecturer-ship in the University he/she will have no opportunity to be with archaeology. There is no potential research organization, no proper govt employment system to get archaeology student engaged in archaeological works. In my university days i calculated much, thought, whether i have no first class to achieve i must left the idea behind to do with archaeology. So, it does not matters me whether i was passed in English, Bangla or any other discipline. So, i passed the exams a left everything archaeological behind. I course of it seems that i totally forgot all about my subject.
But a miracle happened this year. I met one of my favorite Professor. He was very exited with their excavation at Wari-Bateswar. He told me that the days will come all the the students will get together to work, excavation, exploration etc. I told, Sir, or path is already divided and the is no possible options to get together again. After that conversation i thought much. I had no idea that what can i do for Archaeology. Sometimes i wrote some popular articles for newspaper. I thought it to be continued. And suddenly i got the idea that there is a great possibility for me to blogging archaeology. I spend much of my time for blogging. Why not there is some time for archaeology. Today i am very happy that i started a blog titled in archaeology. So here begins my new studentship as a student of archaeology.

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Archeologybuff said...

I am really glad to read about your blog. My story might be similar to yours as I was supposed to go study archeology abroad but somehow never cud and ended up graduating in environmental sciences, but still maintain a very keen interest in archeo. Pls keep us updated thru your blog. I wud love to know about all thats happening reagrding archeo in Bd. best of luck!